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COVID-19 Plea by Appointment

A felony case in Delaware generally takes approximately six months from the date of arrest to resolution of the matter. Today we consider the topic of a plea by appointment involving an incarcerated defendant under the newly enacted Superior Court policies and procedures during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Pardons in Delaware

In a previous blog post, /blog/2014/09/how-to-remove-criminal-charges-on-your-record.shtml,  we discussed Expungements in the State of Delaware as a means to keep your criminal record clean. Expungements in Delaware only available for individuals who had a positive outcome for their case such as a dismissal, successfully completed probation before judgment, or an acquittal. Expungements are not available for individuals who were found guilty or plead guilty to a charge.

How to remove criminal charges on your record

One major concern for individuals facing criminal charges in Delaware is the effect the charges will have on their record. Any criminal charge on an individual's record can have a negative impact - even if the charge is dismissed. Potential employers, licensing agencies, non-profits, and many other organizations require background checks and clean records as a condition of employment or licensing. As a result it is important to maintain a clean criminal record.