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Posts tagged "Real Estate Transactions"

Possible investment risks in real estate transactions

Whether considering purchasing a home, new vehicle or investment property, every investment that involves a significant amount of money comes with a certain amount of risk. This does not mean that people should ignore risks since there is no way of avoiding them, nor should they refuse to make a decision until the perceived risk is close to zero. Instead, when considering whether to move forward with investment real estate transactions, investors should weigh the benefits and risks against one another. Consider these three areas of potential real estate risk.

Real estate transactions: Single family homes as investments

The real estate market in many areas has taken a beating in the last couple months. Some Delaware investors might have realized that people who are sequestered in condos and apartments get tired of looking at four walls. With that in mind, single-family purchases as investments are becoming among the most popular real estate transactions. More people are appreciating having a yard and a garden to putter around in when staying at home, and more renters are looking at leasing single-family homes.

Understanding tax-deferred real estate exchanges

If you are preparing to engage in a real estate transaction in Delaware, you will likely find that the process is extremely complicated, regardless of whether it involves a large commercial transaction, a residential property held for investment purposes or a property held for business or trade purposes. It will be important for you to understand all of the legal and tax issues that may potentially arise so that your interests will be protected.

Why credit cards cannot be used in Real Estate transactions

  1. When a lender approves a mortgage loan, the approval is based on the borrower's debt ratio during the home loan process. The lender approves the loan with the understanding that the borrower has the down payment and closing costs already available. Placing the closing costs and down payment on a credit card not only increases the borrower's debt but also lowers the borrower's credit score.
  2. The funds at closing are required to be guaranteed funds for immediate disbursement. Credit card companies reserve the right to pull back funds placed on credit cards for up to 90 days.
  3. Credit card companies charge a fee to the merchant for accepting credit cards. That fee would reduce the funds available for disbursement.
  4. For these reasons, the Delaware Real Estate settlement practice is to require wired funds into the attorney's settlement escrow account with the understanding that a personal check for the difference up to $10,000 would be accepted to cover any extra costs that the wired funds do not meet.

Overview of real estate investment trusts

Many Delaware residents think that they can't afford to get into commercial real estate investing because they don't have the capital to purchase a property outright. Smaller investors often turn to the stock market because it's seen as the easiest way to share in the profits of a large company.

Homeowners may benefit from professional advice

It is easy for buyers and sellers to forget that the purchase and sale of home can be a complex transaction. A Delaare homeowner can get caught up in the excitement of selling in order to move to a new location while buyers might be looking for their perfect dream home. Frequently, the guiding force and primary source of information to both sides during the process is the real estate agent.

Property deals to account for $1 trillion worldwide by 2020

Delaware real estate investors and developers may soon enjoy a market that has an increased capacity for profit. According to some forecasters, the total value of real property transactions around the world will be greater than $1 trillion by 2020. Evolving market characteristics, such as the expansion of alternative property sectors, have all combined to contribute to the new trends. Changing demographics, such as the massive projected increases in elderly populations, are also predicted to prompt financial institutions to become more active in general.

Real estate investing mistakes

Some entrepreneurs in Delaware may decide to invest in real estate as a way to protect and grow their wealth. While real estate can be highly profitable for some, there are many people who lose money in bad real estate investments. Before purchasing a piece of land or a building, it's important to understand some of the common pitfalls of real estate investing.

Things to consider before selling a home in 2016

People in Delaware who are selling their homes in 2016 should be aware of some of the current trends that are affecting the housing market. Understanding what the market is like and what factors are influencing buyers' decisions could help people to determine how to price a home that they are selling.