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Obtaining a more favorable mortgage

Delaware residents might be interested in learning more about different strategies homeowners have successfully employed to obtain a more favorable deal on their mortgage. Acquiring a mortgage to purchase or refinance a home is typically the biggest financial decision many people will make. The abundance of options associated with selecting lenders and pricing options can be overwhelming for many consumers. Following up on referrals from friends and family members may be one of the most valuable resources for finding a great deal.

Potential foreclosure defenses

Delaware residents may be surprised to find out that some homeowners who have been foreclosed upon may be getting their homes for free. In recent years, the large number of foreclosures that must be approved by state judges has created a backlog in many court systems. This has caused some cases to take multiple years to be resolved if they are resolved at all.

Understanding mortgage liens and title theory

Delaware homeowners may be confused about how mortgage loans, liens and property titles work. For example, many people view mortgages as loans made to facilitate the purchase of real estate. However, a mortgage is not technically a loan. Rather, it is an interest in the property, which the lender holds as protection against financial loss should the borrower fail to meet his or her obligation to pay the debt.

Determining the time to refinance a mortgage

As mortgage rates remain low, Delaware homeowners may be considering refinancing. There are several factors that weigh into the decision to refinance including timing, whether the mortgage has been refinanced in the past and the homeowner's financial status. Experts agree that it is not a good idea to refinance a mortgage more than once. This is because each time the mortgage is refinanced, closing costs are added that can erode the potential savings from reduced interest rates.

What can I do when I am delinquent on my mortgage in Delaware?

A sudden financial crisis can hit nearly any Delaware household. Perhaps someone loses their job, or suffers a medical emergency that involves an expensive hospital stay and a long recovery time. Even families that with savings for a rainy day can find themselves having to miss a mortgage payment, in order to keep food on the table.