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Residential Real Estate Archives

Real estate agents are offering big discounts

In the past, almost every person who sold a home in Delaware used a real estate agent to do it. Sellers understood why the expertise of a real estate agent was important, and real estate agents could charge a standard commission fee without any haggling. Today, real estate agents must explain why they are needed, and sellers are getting big discounts on commission fees.

Home sales and market recovery in 2016

Delaware homeowners interested in selling their houses could benefit from the 2016 housing market rebound. Sales of single-family homes in the United States are at their highest point since the 2008 housing bubble burst. The Commerce Department explained that sales increased 3.5 percent in June alone, which was significantly higher than analyst predictions. The dramatic increase came after a 6-percent drop in home sales in May.

Investing in real estate is no longer time-consuming

Delaware residents who are building a retirement portfolio might view commercial real estate as an overly complex investment. Purchasing a property, developing it and renting it to tenants can take a lot of time, not to mention capital. All of the responsibilities that go along with being a landlord may not sound like a recipe for a relaxing retirement.

Trends in residential real estate

Some Delaware residential real estate investors may have attended the National Association of Real Estate Editors' 50th annual conference. Professionals from the real estate industry got together to talk about some of the trends that are having an effect on real estate development and pricing.

Buyer tips for navigating the residential property market

The purchase of a home is often the largest financial transaction entered into by Delaware residents. Since the agreement to make regular mortgage payments regardless of future changes is binding, it makes sense to study the process by paying close attention to the regrets and successes of others who have gone through it. The residential real estate market may seem straightforward in many ways, but the fine details and tactics can make a huge difference over time.

Technology to accelerate time from offer to closing

The future of residential real estate transactions in Delaware is expected to be influenced by the introduction and use of new technology by buyers, brokers and other participants. It is estimated that 92 percent of prospective buyers conduct at least part of their home searches on the Internet, so the infusion of $1.5 billion of investment money by venture capitalists into technology firms catering to the real estate market should contribute to improving how the marketplace functions.

Why the global real estate market is still healthy

Delaware investors who are interested in the global real estate market may be understandably concerned about volatility in the marketplace. Indeed, some sources expect that the combination of increased interest rates, low oil prices, and other such factors may generate long-term instability in the market that may be difficult to recuperate from. However, the global real estate may continue to be a relatively safe investment even through this expected volatility.

It's a good year to buy a home

People in Delaware who are still paying rent may want to consider purchasing a home in 2016. There are many reasons why this year is a good year for buying property, including the fact that interest rates are still low. Though interest rates have risen slightly, they are still around 4 percent, which is a record low. In the 1980s, interest rates were around 18.5 percent.

How residential real estate is valued

For many people in Delaware, purchasing a home will be the biggest long-term investment that they'll make in their lifetime. When deciding where to buy a home, it's important to consider whether the home's value will grow. Similarly sized homes can have vastly different prices depending on where they are located.