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How to remove criminal charges on your record

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2014 | Criminal

One major concern for individuals facing criminal charges in Delaware is the effect the charges will have on their record. Any criminal charge on an individual’s record can have a negative impact – even if the charge is dismissed. Potential employers, licensing agencies, non-profits, and many other organizations require background checks and clean records as a condition of employment or licensing. As a result it is important to maintain a clean criminal record.

Whenever an individual is charged with a crime in the State of Delaware a record is created. This record will include the accused individual’s name, date of birth, and the offense charged. Once the case has been resolved in the court system, the record will also contain the disposition or outcome of the case. This can be problematic because even when a case is decided in your favor, whether through a dismissal, acquittal, or successful probation before judgment, a record of the charge will still exist.

When you have had a case decided in your favor it is important to go the extra step and seek an expungement. An expungement, if granted, will generally remove all record of the charged offense from the public records. To determine your eligibility for an expungement under Delaware Law, it is important to contact a qualified Delaware criminal defense lawyer. At Tunnell & Raysor, P.A. we handle expungements and are happy to consult with individuals who have been charged with crimes in the State of Delaware.