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Home-selling missteps to avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Residential Real Estate

Every homeowner who wants to sell his or her home wants to get the best price for it. Those in Delaware who are considering putting their homes up for sale in 2017 should avoid certain actions that can reduce their chances of selling their property.

While upgrading a home is important, people should take care to choose wisely what part of the home is upgraded. They can conduct some research and verify what type of improvements can result in the best returns. Once they have decided on which part of their home they want to improve, homeowners should make sure that is it done properly, which entails getting the right permits. Renovating without the proper permits invites doubts from potential buyers about whether the home is compliant with building codes.

Limiting the hours that a home can be viewed by buyers is another misstep. While it may be inconvenient, allowing buyers a bigger time window to view the home can help lessen the chances of missing a sale. However, relying too much on open houses can be risky. Homeowners should team up with real estate agents who know how to use social media and the internet to effectively promote their listings. Allowing the appearance of the exterior of the home to lapse while focusing on the interior should also be avoided. Curbside appeal may make a good first impression on a buyer. Not heeding the advice of their agent may also work against homeowners. Counsel regarding pricing should at least be considered as agents may buy and sell hundreds of homes during their careers.

There can be legal traps as well, such as failing to make appropriate disclosures about known defects. An attorney who has experience with these types of residential real estate transactions can be a valuable resource up through the closing of the sale.