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Tips for selling a home during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Residential Real Estate

The holiday season isn’t usually the best time for a home to be on the market because of all the celebrations that take place and the number of people who enter and exit the home. With a few tips and the assistance of a real estate agent and attorney who can help complete the paperwork required for the sale, the process can often operate in a smooth fashion.

Holiday decorations should be kept at a minimum with a few simple decorations to adorn the front door and the walls that will offer ideas to someone interested in buying the home. A home that is for sale needs to be kept as clean as possible, even in the winter months. Leaves should be raked out of the yard, and a rug could be placed at the entry doors for guests to wipe their feet to prevent mud from getting on the floor.

One of the things that buyers look at is the price of a home for sale. The price for a home should be comparable to others that are for sale in the area. Real estate agents can often work around a schedule better during the holiday season, showing a home that is for sale in conjunction with a holiday party because there will be more people present. A comfortable setting in the home will likely lead potential buyers to look further into the house, picturing how they can arrange furniture and make it their own.

A residential real estate attorney may offer assistance to homeowners during the selling and closing process by drawing up legal paperwork and filing it with the proper locations. An attorney might also walk the seller through the process of how to sign the title to transfer to the new owner and how to negotiate the price of the home.