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How to sell a home for the best price

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Residential Real Estate

There are many items that Delaware residents should consider when it comes to selling their home. For instance, selling a home on a Wednesday or Thursday could help it sell for the best price or get it off the market the fastest. This is because people start making plans to see homes just prior to the weekend. Therefore, a home listed on these days are likely to be seen by those looking at listings online.

When creating a listing, it is a good idea to have professionals take pictures of the house. Doing so makes it easier to properly highlight both interior and exterior spaces. It may also be worth a homeowner’s time to create a virtual tour of the property as it gives buyers a better idea of the home’s layout. When showing a home, it is critical that it is staged properly. This is true regardless of how large or small the home is.

Another tip for those looking to sell their homes in a timely manner is to sell it for the right price. Homeowners should look at other recent sales to determine how much their home is likely worth. If the home is listed higher than recent comparable sales, buyers may be scared away, which can keep it from selling quickly.

The sale of a residential property is usually a complex process. It could take days or weeks for the transaction to close as it may be necessary to get an inspection or for a buyer to obtain financing. Buyers and sellers alike may benefit from having an attorney guide them through the sale process. An attorney may be able to review purchase contract terms or make sure that all necessary disclosures have been made before the transaction is complete.