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Efforts to resolve landlord/tenant matters

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

Being a landlord is more complicated than buying a building and collecting rent. It is important for property owners to know and understand how Delaware laws apply to them, especially when faced with landlord/tenant matters. Disagreements with renters are common and can escalate quickly. A landlord who knows the options for resolving those disputes may reach a faster, more satisfying outcome.

A tenant who disagrees with a policy or action may react with high emotion, even rage. When a landlord matches that emotion, the issue is not likely to reach a resolution. Difficult as it may be, the best quality a landlord can develop may be to remain calm and reasonable under pressure. Making an effort to talk through the problem face to face with the tenant may allow the parties to find a mutually beneficial answer. Even if a landlord is justified in being angry with a tenant, keeping those reactions in check may give a property owner an advantage over a ranting tenant.

A wise landlord keeps careful documentation of any disputes with tenants. This may include photos and copies of emails. Confronting a tenant with such evidence may be enough to resolve the matter. However, if a tenant is not convinced, the landlord may also need to use this documentation if the dispute goes to court.

Resolving landlord/tenant matters is something that many prefer to do without going to court. However, this is not always possible. A landlord dealing with a dispute with a tenant would be wise to seek the guidance of an attorney who has experience in Delaware real estate law.