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Avoid potential disputes by asking the landlord some questions

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

Most people looking to rent here in Delaware know to ask about rental payments, security deposits, pet policies and similar questions. However, there are other questions that a potential tenant may want to ask the landlord before committing to signing a lease. Failing to do so could result in future disputes that could end up leading to disputes that could cost time, frustration and money for a tenant.

For instance, many properties have rules regarding guests. A property may allow guests for up to a month, but thereafter, the person staying would need to go through a background check and possibly be added to the lease. Other properties may only allow overnight guests or could allow guests to stay indefinitely.

Another important question for a prospective tenant is whether it’s possible to make changes to the space. Can he or she paint the walls? Even if the landlord and lease indicate this is allowed, a tenant will more than likely be responsible for putting the space back to the state in which it was found upon moving into it. It is important to understand these terms before making changes that could end up costing a security deposit upon moving out or some other action from a landlord if making changes is not allowed under the lease.

Individuals may have other questions specific to their circumstances to ask a prospective landlord before even thinking about signing a lease. However, others may end up forgetting to ask an important question, and a dispute could arise. If this happens to a tenant, it would be beneficial to consult with a Delaware attorney prior to taking any steps to resolve the dispute so that he or she fully understands a tenant’s rights and the information in the lease pertaining to the situation.