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How your estate plan can protect you from a medical emergency

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Estate Planning

Many people view their estate plan as a form of protection for their spouse and children. They know that if they die, their will or other estate planning documents will guide the distribution of their property and potentially provide a guardian for their children.

Those without children or even much personal property could also benefit from creating estate planning documents, and many people with simple wills could use more estate planning documents. Estate planning is also about your protection as you grow older or if you experience some kind of medical emergency.

Adults in Delaware creating an estate plan or updating their existing documents as they prepare for retirement may want to add new documents addressing the possibility of a future medical emergency. How can your estate plan protect you after a stroke or a car crash?

You can name specific people to act on your behalf

Powers of attorney allow you to name agents who can be your bills or arrange for medical treatment according to your preferences. In a situation that leaves you incapacitated, your powers of attorney would grant someone that you trust access to financial resources or authority to make medical choices.

The standard form used for advance healthcare directives in Delaware also provides space to name an agent and an alternate in case the agent is unavailable at the time of your emergency.

You can explain your medical preferences

Do you have multiple sclerosis and would prefer to receive compassionate pain management but minimal life support? Do you have young children, so you want to avoid the possibility of opioid addiction but want to survive if at all possible?

People in different life situations have vastly different medical preferences, and your Delaware advance directive helps explain clearly exactly what your wishes are related to life support, aggressive interventions and even anatomical gifts. Not only do you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing others can follow your wishes, but your family members will have peace of mind because they won’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.

Adding the right papers to your estate plan can protect you in a medical emergency and can take a lot of pressure off of the people that love you.