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June 2016 Archives

Investing in real estate is no longer time-consuming

Delaware residents who are building a retirement portfolio might view commercial real estate as an overly complex investment. Purchasing a property, developing it and renting it to tenants can take a lot of time, not to mention capital. All of the responsibilities that go along with being a landlord may not sound like a recipe for a relaxing retirement.

Trends in residential real estate

Some Delaware residential real estate investors may have attended the National Association of Real Estate Editors' 50th annual conference. Professionals from the real estate industry got together to talk about some of the trends that are having an effect on real estate development and pricing.

Buyer tips for navigating the residential property market

The purchase of a home is often the largest financial transaction entered into by Delaware residents. Since the agreement to make regular mortgage payments regardless of future changes is binding, it makes sense to study the process by paying close attention to the regrets and successes of others who have gone through it. The residential real estate market may seem straightforward in many ways, but the fine details and tactics can make a huge difference over time.