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Estate Planning 101 And Beyond

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  • Educate you about whether you need a simple will or a more complicated estate planning document, and then draft those documents for you.
  • Draft financial and medical powers of attorney documents for you so that you will be taken care of appropriately by your loved ones if you become incapacitated and cannot take care of yourself or your assets.


  • Are you a full time resident of Delaware? Schedule a meeting!
  • Did you relocate to Delaware from another state? Schedule a meeting!
  • Do you have a Will? If so, is it more than five years old? Schedule a meeting!
  • Was your will drafted in another state? Schedule a meeting!
  • Have you or your spouse been married previously? Schedule a meeting!
  • Do you have a child or grandchild who is disabled? Schedule a meeting!
  • Do you have questions about probate and what will happen to your assets when you die? Schedule a meeting!

Melanie Burke is an Estate Planning Attorney with Tunnell & Raysor, P.A. who would be happy to discuss these issues and answer your questions. Please call Tunnell & Raysor, P.A. at 302-856-7313 to schedule a consultation.

Melanie C. Burke - Law offices Tunnell & Raysor, P.A.

Melanie Burke is an associate attorney with the law firm of Tunnell & Raysor, P.A. Her practice is concentrated in the areas of Estate Planning and Real Estate. Melanie received her degrees from the University of Virginia and Emory University, School of Law. She spent thirty years with the Delaware Department of Justice prosecuting criminal cases, focusing primarily on those cases that involved the most vulnerable of our society, our children and the elderly. Now in her second act as an attorney, she brings her passion for helping people to Tunnell & Raysor where she enjoys learning about and assisting her Estate Planning clients. From her decades of experience as a Deputy Attorney General, Melanie learned how to talk to people from all walks of life, to find ways to relate to them, and, most importantly, how to make them feel at ease when facing challenging circumstances or decisions. She genuinely enjoys people and finds that she doesn’t just have clients; she makes new friends every day, and gets to help guide them through discussions that can be emotional and thought provoking. Melanie lives in Camden-Wyoming with her husband and their very large, blended family that includes elderly parents, teenage children, many grandchildren, and several very spoiled dogs and cats.