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Selling a home during the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Residential Real Estate

Selling a home in Delaware during the time of year when most people are preparing for the holidays can be challenging. Sellers who are willing to be creative might find it’s a lot easier to find a buyer than they originally thought. Halloween through New Year’s could turn out to be a great time to market and locate interested buyers without having to lower the selling price.

The holidays are a great time of year for themed open houses. Homeowners could be successful at selling their house more quickly if they decorate in a holiday theme and invite real estate agents and buyers to take a look. This might be even more fun if most of the homeowners in the subdivision decorate the outside of their homes as well. The festive spirit might induce a buyer to consider homes that weren’t previously on their radar.

Another option is to advertise the house for sale while passing out candy to each trick-or-treater on Halloween. Sellers could talk to the parents who walk their little ones to the door or simply drop some marketing material into their bags with a treat. Children who receive a card or flyer are likely to pass it to their parents. It’s important to have all the vital information included so anyone interested in buying a house can get in touch with the seller.

Homeowners trying to sell their property during times of the year when there are fewer people buying should not rush into a transaction simply because someone shows an interest in the house. A residential real estate attorney could assist in preparing a sales agreement that protects the client.