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What to know about selling a home during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | Residential Real Estate

Delaware residents may understand that moving can be quite stressful. The stress level may be amplified when the move is related to a divorce. In many cases, selling a home after the end of a marriage is like selling a house for any other reason. It is important that it looks like it has been properly cared for. If it doesn’t, it may have a hard time attracting a buyer’s interest.

This means that the floors should be finished, the faucet should be repaired and the walls should be given a fresh coat of paint. If there are animals living in the house, they should be removed during showings as they can cause problems as it relates to selling the home. A former couple will have to communicate who will get custody of the pets and when the pets will be moved from the home.

It is critical that a couple listens to their real estate agent. The agent’s job is to sell the home in a timely manner for as much as possible. While emotions may be running high, both parties to the divorce should remember that the goal is to sell the home quickly so that everyone can move on. To reduce communication issues, one person should be designated to communicate with the real estate agent.

If a person is selling residential property because of a divorce, he or she may want to consult with an attorney. This may make it possible to structure the deal in a way that allows someone to get his or her share of sale proceeds. An attorney may also advise an individual as to whether issues related to the home need to be disclosed to a buyer. If disputes arise during or after a sale, an attorney may help to resolve the situation.