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The pros and cons of having a tree

On Behalf of | May 14, 2018 | Residential Real Estate

While many people in Delaware would like a home with a tree in the yard, this could be more trouble than it is worth. For instance, if the tree begins to rot, there could be a higher risk for extensive property damage or bodily injury. Furthermore, those that have holes, fractures or lean to one side might need to be removed.

Individuals who choose to keep a tree in their yard should understand that it will result in extra cleaning. Leaves and pine needles that fall on the grass, patio and driveway will need to be removed on a regular basis. Anyone who is looking to buy a property with a tree on it should be ready for birds to sit on the branches and the chance for their droppings to land on cars or other objects.

Pests such as mosquitoes could also be drawn to areas where trees are located. This is because leaves that fall into gutters could allow for standing water that mosquitoes thrive in. Although a tree could be valued for the shade it provides, that shade could also be a nuisance when trying to grow a garden or thick grass. Homeowners will need to get creative when choosing which plants to grow in areas that receive less sunlight throughout the year.

Trees can be both a blessing and a hindrance when buying residential real estate. Ideally, buyers will have them inspected along with the rest of the house prior to closing on a sale. An attorney may be able to help create a purchase offer that accounts for any problems that one could cause. Doing so could help the buyer present a favorable offer to the person or entity selling the home.