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Why homes will not sell

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Residential Real Estate

Delaware residents who place their homes on the market should be prepared for the fact that their homes may not sell right away. Not every area in the country is a seller’s market in which homes can receive multiple buying offers that are above asking price. Individuals who are struggling to sell their home may want to take the time to consider why their home is not attracting the buyers they want.

Homeowners may want to begin by making sure that the photos of the home they place online are high quality. A realtor may be consulted about what types of photos reflect the best features of the home and should be posted. For homeowners who are selling their homes on their own, it may be worth the investment to use a professional photographer.

Prospective buyers may also be put off by listings that provide incorrect information. Homeowners should recheck the information on their listings before they are publicized. The listings should include the correct number of bedrooms in the home and whether there are full basements or garages. The listing of key features is particularly important because many buyers will filter their search results based on the features they desire, and if a certain feature is not provided in the listing, it can result in a missed opportunity for the homeowner.

Homeowners also sometimes err by overpricing their homes. It is important to see how much other homes in the area are being sold for, especially homes that have features similar to those of one’s own home.

An attorney who practices real estate law may assist clients with purchasing or selling residential real estate. The attorney may oversee real estate closings, negotiate purchase contract terms and resolve zoning law disputes. Assistance may also be provided for addressing title issues.