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How to maximize the value of a bonus room

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Residential Real Estate

Those who are looking to sell a home in Delaware should highlight any finished basement or bonus rooms that a property has. This is because that extra living space could appeal to buyers and increase the property’s value. However, sellers will need to properly showcase that extra space in a way that appeals to buyers in specific ways.

For example, young couples may want to see if an extra room can be used as a nursery or play room for the kids. Those who are interested in improving their health could see if the space can be used as a gym or yoga studio. As a larger percentage of Americans embrace video games, it may be possible to showcase a finished basement or extra bedroom as a game room. Such a room should have plenty of electrical outlets and room for a large table.

A room that has a lot of storage space could be sold as a home office. This can appeal to buyers who work from home. However, it’s important to stage the room in a way that convinces prospects that they could be productive in the space. Regardless of how a seller stages a home, it should be done in an authentic manner.

Prior to a real estate closing, a seller will generally need to disclose as much as possible about the home itself. An attorney for the seller may help to ensure that all disclosures are made in a timely manner. This could help the sale close in a timely and organized fashion. An attorney may also be able to review any offers that a seller receives to determine if they are in their best interests.