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What to consider when buying a home on a busy street

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Residential Real Estate

Homes on busy streets in Delaware and throughout the country are often seen as less than desirable. However, there may be good reasons to purchase a home in an area that is highly active. For instance, it could be closer to a major highway or a bus line. This can make getting to work, school or local attractions faster and less stressful. It can also be closer to grocery stores, which means that an individual won’t have to travel several miles just to get milk.

Perhaps the best reason to consider buying a home on a busy street is that it will likely be priced lower than a home in a quieter neighborhood. A buyer could pay up to 20% less for homes in busier neighborhoods compared to those that are farther away from civilization. Of course, it could be harder to sell that home again in the future.

This could be that case even when there are few homes available on the market. Individuals who are thinking about buying a property are encouraged to visit the area multiple times per day. Doing so makes it easier to get an idea for what living in a given neighborhood might be like. It can also help a person determine if it’s possible to adapt to the noise he or she will likely be subject to.

An attorney may be helpful during the process of buying a residential property. He or she may be able to help a buyer ensure that the title is valid and can be transferred. A legal representative might also be able to review a purchase offer or any other documents that need to be crafted or submitted during the residential real estate purchase process. This may help a buyer feel confident about closing on the transaction.