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When do I need permits to avoid land use and zoning problems?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Land Use And Zoning

Throughout Delaware, property owners are often trying to make improvements. That can include building a new structure entirely, adding enhancements to an existing structure or moving forward with renovations. There is nothing unusual about this. However, there can be legal challenges if the owner is unaware of land use and zoning laws that could be applicable. For many projects, it is imperative to get the proper permits. Failure to do so could result in legal sanctions that could be costly financially and personally.

What types of projects will require a permit?

During the warm weather months, property owners plan construction, repairs, maintenance and additions. An example is building a deck or adding a pool. People might not get the correct permits because they are unaware it is necessary. They might also hope that no one notices or complains. Knowing when to get a permit is key to avoid problems. A permit is required for those who are constructing a dwelling whether it is for single-family use or for multi-family use. It is also needed for manufactured housing and commercial construction. Those who are building a replacement home must get a permit.

Accessories to the property are frequently planned. That can include building a playhouse for children, adding solar panels and building a garage. This too requires a permit. If there are renovations planned or additions to be made, this requires a permit. Examples are building a porch, installing a fireplace, renovating the interior or exterior of the structure, adding a patio and building a fence. There are also specific limits to the size and location of the project. Even simple plans can grow expensive and go awry if there is a failure to get the proper permits.

Avoiding and dealing with land use and zoning issues

Land use and zoning might not seem to be a major issue, but if there are disputes with neighbors or the authorities inform a person of failing to secure proper permits, it can delay or stop the project completely. Before moving forward, it is useful to have legal assistance. If the project is underway or is completed and there are legal disagreements, it is even more imperative to have guidance with how to proceed. Consulting with those who have experience in these situations can be helpful.