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Your will is the cornerstone of your estate plan. Your will provides you with the opportunity to clearly communicate your wishes with regard to any number of issues, including how your personal property should be distributed, who should serve as guardians for your minor children and other considerations.

Your will can serve as a type of guide map for your entire estate plan, providing clear direction about how you want your affairs handled and which people should be involved. As a primary source of information about your intentions, it is important that the language used in the drafting of your will is as precise as it can be in communicating your wishes. In many cases, having an experienced attorney can be extremely helpful.

Drafting Effective Wills For Sussex County Clients

At the law firm of Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., we have helped countless clients in the drafting of wills that unequivocally illustrate their end-of-life expectations. In some cases, the last will and testament constitutes a person’s entire estate plan. While we always advise our clients on additional tools that can help to better ensure that their wishes are accommodated, we understand that some people may initially limit their plans to a will.

Our attorneys will walk you through all of the issues that may need to be considered at the end of your life, including provisions for your medical directive or living will, charitable gifts and special instructions for your funeral or burial, among others. We will create a document that uses clear language and leaves no room for interpretation. If a dispute arises over any portion of the will, we are prepared to represent your estate in court to see that your wishes are honored.

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