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Resolving Easement Disputes In Delaware

An easement gives one party the right to use a piece of property that it does not own. When one entity wishes to use someone else’s property, disputes can arise, costing everyone time and money.

At Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., our attorneys represent clients throughout Delaware dealing with a wide variety of real estate issues, helping them reach practical solutions that protect their interests. Whether you are a property owner defending your property rights or you are seeking an easement, we can provide you with effective representation.

Guiding You Through A Complex Process

Easements can be utilized for many different reasons. Utility companies frequently seek easements to install infrastructure like power and gas lines. A neighbor may seek an easement to use your driveway for access to his or her own property.

Easements can frequently lead to disputes over property rights, land boundaries and what the easement seeker will be able to do on the property. That is why it is important for an easement to be formalized through a contract.

As knowledgeable real estate attorneys, we can walk you through all of the potential issues that may arise when involved in negotiations over an easement. That includes clearly designating the boundaries of the easement, whether it can be transferred and grounds for terminating the agreement. We will work to limit the possibility of future disputes and protect your interests.

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Easements are complex real estate transactions that should only be handled with the assistance of experienced lawyers who can help you avoid or resolve any hurdles.

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