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Delaware Guardianship Lawyers

The family lawyers at Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., are well aware of the emotionally charged issues that come with protecting the welfare of children, the elderly or the incapacitated. When parents can no longer care for children, or adults are unable to take care of themselves, guardianships can protect them. Our job is to provide the legal support needed to get them through a challenging and complex process.

Guardianships As Part Of Divorce Proceedings

In divorce proceedings where child custody is usually granted to one or both parents, a legal guardian may not be the mother or father of a child. Guardianships are court orders that provide significant responsibility for the care of children or disabled or elderly adults. Legal guardians have defined duties that include the basics — food, clothing and shelter — and care for both physical health and financial affairs.

Most guardians are close relatives of the children or parents. Depending on the specific circumstances and exploring alternatives, a guardianship is the only way to protect children of divorce. Grandparents often pursue guardianship of their grandchildren when parental rights have been terminated or the children’s welfare is at risk in emergency situations.

A guardianship takes away certain rights and privileges for a minor child or incapacitated adult. For children, their “incapacitation” is a legal classification due to their underage status. The guardianship lasts until the minor reaches the age of 18.

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