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Dividing Property And Assets During A Divorce

When dividing assets, property and debts during a separation or divorce, it is essential to do so fairly. The settlement reached can affect your finances for many years. In Georgetown, Delaware, state law does not require assets to be split 50-50. Instead, distribution must be equitable and based on an array of individual factors.

At Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., we leverage decades of legal knowledge and experience to negotiate agreeable solutions to property division.

How Distribution Is Determined

As one of the largest continually operating family law firms in Sussex County, we are able to offer detailed advice on asset division in uncontested and highly contested divorces in Delaware. Equitable distribution can be calculated based on factors such as:

  • Duration of marriage
  • Potential for each spouse to acquire capital assets and income in the future
  • Classification of assets as marital or separate property
  • Division of retirement accounts, investments and pension benefits
  • Each party’s allocation of responsibility for debts and liabilities
  • Considerations for contributions made to increase the value of marital property

Our attorneys also offer counsel on the tax consequences of property division and spousal support. Whenever necessary, we assist with the recovery of assets that were hidden or inaccurately transferred.

Representation In Different Settings

Our lawyers strive to resolve cases outside of a stressful courtroom setting. We are often able to use tactics such as negotiation and mediation to divide assets peacefully. If proceedings become contested or pose an unfair outcome, we rely on over a century of experience to deliver powerful advocacy in litigation.

Moving Forward Confidently

Regardless of the specific legal challenges you face, our law firm is ready to assist. Schedule a consultation by calling 302-396-9645 or 800-541-5443. Alternatively, we can be reached online. We represent clients in Lewes and Georgetown and throughout the state.