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Advocating For Your Interests During Eminent Domain And Condemnation Disputes

As a landlord or property owner, discovering your real estate is in the middle of an eminent domain or condemnation dispute can be highly stressful. You wonder how you will negotiate with the city or state and what your options are. Although the government in Georgetown, Delaware, is able to exercise eminent domain or condemnation for the right reasons, it is also required to pay just compensation. Our firm, Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., is there to help you pursue all options before negotiating a settlement or taking matters into litigation.

Support During Every Step Of The Eminent Domain Process

Typically, the eminent domain process can be halted in Delaware only if the proposed plan does not meet regulations as a public purpose or negotiations were conducted in bad faith. Our lawyers are there to investigate whether the appropriate steps were taken in your case. We check that the government:

  • Determined a need to use eminent domain for public necessity
  • Secured the necessary approvals or ordinance
  • Negotiated with you to buy your property
  • Used its power to condemn your property only after unsuccessful negotiations

Even if the city or state is able to condemn your property, you are still entitled to fair market compensation. The government cannot set the price. We are there to seek the highest possible settlement based on best use laws for your land.

Planning Services For Your Unique Needs

Our real estate attorneys are extremely capable of handling many kinds of disputes involving eminent domain and condemnation. With more than a century of combined legal experience, we work tirelessly to find agreeable resolutions to conflicts based on the unique factors of each case. Although our firm always attempts to reach a solution with negotiations alone, we are never afraid to represent your interests in litigation.

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Whether you are seeking an honest opinion of your case or require vigorous representation in court, we are here to help. Reach our office online or schedule a consultation by phone at 302-396-9645 or 800-541-5443. We represent individuals in Georgetown and Lewes and throughout Delaware.