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Delaware Child Custody Attorneys

The end of a marriage is a life-changing event for not only a couple, but also their children. All members of a family face an uncertain future as one household becomes two. While our job is to protect the rights of our clients, we also focus on the best interests of their sons and daughters.

Divorce is disruptive enough for children of divorce without their parents involved in heated disputes. The attorneys at Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., take on the legally complex and emotionally charged issues that often accompany child custody proceedings.

The Help Divorcing Mothers And Fathers Need From A Child Custody Lawyer

Despite growing awareness and new laws that reflect the increased role as caregivers, challenges for fathers still exist. Regardless of misconceptions that exist and the gender of our clients, we provide the same level of unwavering dedication. Our attorneys protect the rights of all parties who have an interest in continuing relationships with their children.

While mediating child custody and visitation arrangements and disputes is preferred by both the courts and our law firm, some cases can only be resolved in court. With skill and efficiency, we have successfully navigated our clients through custody proceedings and relocation matters as part of post-divorce modifications.

Experienced and knowledgeable legal representation is paramount from the start. The stakes are high as established and finalized divorce orders and child custody schedules are something you have to live with for a long time.

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Contact one of our Delaware offices by phone at 302-396-9645 or toll free at 800-541-5443, or via email for an appointment. Tunnell & Raysor, P.A., has offices in Georgetown, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach. At your initial consultation, we will identify your needs and goals and move forward with tailored legal representation.